It’s amazing that our blog is still on the internet, folks. It’s been a long while and we’ve been very very bad bloggers. The worst. We have an ENTIRE year’s worth of work to share from 2015 on this decrepit blog, which means we have the best intentions of staging a full scale blog resurrection! In honor of the arrival of our second babe, Lila, we’re self-imposing a nice, leisurely maternity leave and have about three months to get all this work blogged before our first 2016 wedding hits in May! Can we do it?? We’re certainly gonna try… But first, the LAST post we’ll make from our 2014 season, this sweet elopement we captured at the tail end of the year – elopements have become a fast favorite of ours and we love this one too much to let it die off in the 2014 digital archives! These two were awesome and it was an INCREDIBLE honor being the only ones to hang with them on this day – strangers turned friends, we sure do love doing what we do :)



San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0001 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0003 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0004 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0006 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0007 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0008 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0009 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0010 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0012 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0011 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0013 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0014 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0015 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0016 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0017 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0018 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0019 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0020 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0021 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0022 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0023 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0024 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0025 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0026 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0027 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0028 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0029 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0030 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0031 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0032 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0033 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0034 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0035 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0036 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0037 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0039 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0038 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0041 San_Francisco_City_Hall_Wedding_0040